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Navigating your child's mental health journey

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Navigating your child's mental health journey is an online program parents and caregivers will gain invaluable insights into understanding and supporting their child's mental health. Through a combination of interview, workshop, and interactive discussion, participants will learn practical strategies to navigate the complexities of their child's mental well-being. Interview with Child Psychologist: In this segment, participants will have the opportunity to engage with a seasoned child psychologist who will provide expert insights into various aspects of children's mental health. Topics covered may include understanding common childhood mental health issues, recognizing signs of distress, neurodivergent child, and seeking appropriate professional help when needed. Workshop with Parenting Educator and Mental Health Professional: Led by a parenting educator and mental health professional, this workshop will focus on equipping parents and caregivers with practical tools and techniques to support their child's mental health. Participants will learn strategies for promoting positive mental well-being, fostering resilience, managing stress and anxiety, and creating a supportive home environment conducive to mental wellness.





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