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about Us

Teaching Children At Home (TCAH) is a registered non-profit program based in the United States that helps the parents and children especially underserved  population, marginalized communities, and low-income families. We strive to create a more equitable and inclusive society where educational opportunities are accessible to all.

Our Vision.

To help, encourage and inspire parents by supporting their efforts of helping their children reach their full potential.

Our Mission.

To empower and uplift the community. Provides equal access to education, bridge the educational gap, foster a love for learning, and empower individuals and communities to thrive.


Our values are grounded in a root of equity, empowerment, integrity ,collaboration and caring for each other.


Offers varieties of e-courses, classes, workshops that empowers Myanmar parents and students around the world.

Offers academic support, educational materials, parental engagement and hosts debates and contests for holistic development of youth.


We are inclusive, diverse and talented volunteers with a passion for mission success, collective creativity.


We aim to deliver high quality educational services to parents and children through modern teaching methods and an uncompromising focus on excellence and value.


Dr. Htet Htet Zaw (Founder/Director)

Htet Htet Zaw is the visionary founder of our non-profit organization, dedicated to empowering and educating Burmese children amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the military coup. Born and raised in Burma, they moved to the United States after some college education in Burma and pursued a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Fueled by a passion for teaching and a deep commitment to giving back, she realized the urgency of advocating for education during these trying times. With a dedicated team of volunteer teachers and staff, both local and global, Htet Htet Zaw is dedicated to providing educational opportunities and support to underserved Burmese children, working tirelessly to bridge the gap and create a brighter future for them.

Lun Lun Johns ( Director/ Treasurer)

Lun Lun is one of the directors and founding members of TCAH Myanmar. She graduated with an economics degree in 2002 in Myanmar and an BA in Accounting in the United States in 2010 and worked as student adviser, an accountant, and banker until 2018. She oversees the budget of TCAH and assists with financial management of non-profit organizations.

Aye Thadar Oo (Esther) (Program Manager)

Esther is the TCAH program’s representative. She is a candidate for a Bachelor degree in International Relations at the University of Yangon. She spends most of her time answering questions from volunteers and the public. She reaches out to the youth and children to interview or gather information for programs such as "Youth Talent". She organizes events such as art contests and other competitions that TCAH hosts or participates in.




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