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Teaching Children At  Home
Myanmar (TCAH)


Teaching Children At Home (TCAH) is a is a 501c3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving education, language and cultural awareness  by providing free learning opportunities for Burmese children, youths, adults, families and lifelong learners from all different socio-economic status and backgrounds.  Our vision is to help, encourage and inspire parents by supporting their efforts of helping their children reach their full potential.


The program is offered by a network of trained professionals and teaching experts through a virtual platform. Through these e-courses, volunteer teachers can expand their existing skill sets and teach local students in remote places, parents can educate their children at home, and students can be empowered and continue their education uninterrupted at home. 

To date, TCAH has almost 8000 students registered for the various courses such as Sciences, English, Math, Computer, Art and crafts. TCAH's  impact on Burmese children's education has been the result of dedication and hard work of the team around the world. We are looking forward to recruiting more volunteers and taking this organization to another level. Donations are tax-deductible. Any amount of donation will help the organization to build a local learning center that offers literacy, live classes, computer, internet access, and provide free learning materials.  You can make a difference right now by contributing.



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