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Baby Nutrition ကလေးဖြည့်စွက်စာကြွေးခြင်းအကြောင်းသိကောင်းစရာများ

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A course about baby nutrition basics would cover the fundamental principles of feeding and nourishing infants and children in their first few year of life. The course would be aimed at parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are involved in caring for infants and children. The course would begin by discussing types of food and nutrients that are essential for each stage by Nutritionist Doctor. The course would also cover the introduction of solid foods, baby led weaning vs traditional weaning, how to prepare and serve them, and what foods to avoid. Participants would learn about the importance of introducing a variety of foods to promote healthy eating habits, prevent food allergies and when to see the doctor from the perspective of Pediatrician. Other topics covered in the course might include: BLW Vs TW benefit, how to start, how to make transition How to encourage healthy eating habits and prevent picky eating Feeding Gears and sample BLW meals Common phases of baby led weaners Many Bonus BLW articles, videos link


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