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Montessori At Home

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I. Introduction Overview of the course What is Montessori? Brief history of Montessori education II. Montessori Principles Respect for the child Prepared environment Freedom with limits Observation Individualized learning III. Preparing the Environment Purpose and characteristics of the Montessori environment Designing a Montessori environment Materials and their organization IV. Setting up Activities Purpose and characteristics of Montessori activities Choosing and presenting activities Adapting activities to different age groups V. Daily Routine Importance of routine Typical Montessori daily routine Adjusting the routine for different age groups VI. Expectation and Limit Setting Importance of clear expectations and limits Strategies for setting expectations and limits Balancing freedom and responsibility VII. Introduction to the Montessori Curriculum Overview of the Montessori curriculum areas Characteristics and purpose of each area Integration of areas in the curriculum VIII. Videos and Activity Ideas IX. Conclusion Recap of the course Resources for further learning and practice Reflection on the course experience


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